Sunday 26 January 2014

Training update: when the going gets tough...

The week in stats

no. of runs: 4
no. of yoga classes: 1
no. of spin classes taken after running a half marathon: 1 (just about!)

11 weeks to go until 'the big one' and it's been a tumultuous week. A busy one at work, including a few nights away with the inevitable 'client socialising' time - cue too much wine and rich, indulgent food - plus early mornings and late nights. 

Fitting in my training hasn't been easy, and I've been left a bit drained come Sunday evening. Yup, marathon training is really hitting home. It's not easy, but then nothing that's worth doing ever is, right?

My first run was a 1.5 mile speed session en route to meet the boy at the train station - figured I might as well make the most of any spare time I have and, rather than walk over to the station, did a 5min warm up, 5x200m sprints at full pace plus 1.5 min recovery in between. Short and sweet, but productive!
A dark, dark morning in Weybridge

Run number two was an early morning effort while away with our clients. A 6am start and my plan was to head down to the Thames path in Weybridge, but upon arriving there I realised just how dark it is out of the city! 

No Thames path for me, and as the pavements in Weybridge just end abruptly with nowhere else to go, my planned 4-5 miles was cut short to 3 miles. Ah well! 

Thursday night brought an Urban Yoga retreat with the crew from AdventureYogi. I'm keen to head on a weekend yoga retreat in the UK and my research brought me across the Adventure Yogi retreats. They run city-based evening mini-retreats to give you a taste of what their longer retreats involve, and I'd recruited my twitter friends Steph and Felicity to come along too.

Vegan feast
We had a lovely flow yoga class with Sally from Stretching in the City - exactly what I needed after two long days of work! - followed by some lovely vegan food by Tatu. I have to admit, I've always shied away from vegan as I'm a carnivorous being , but our 3-course feast was lovely - lots of food for thought!

A gloomy Tower Hill
Thoroughly stretched and refuelled, I took Friday as a rest day in preparation for my third run, the long run, on Saturday morning with the Team Naturally Run girls, headed up by Leah. Long runs means an early start, and Saturday was no exception. I was up at 6.45 to get my porridge in my belly before heading out to meet the girls at Tower Hill.

Together, Leah, Lissy, Charlie W, Charlie B, Lucy and I set off heading west along the Thames. We met  Sian at Embankment who joined us for a few miles, while the rest of us continued on towards our ultimate destination: our brunch spot at Outsider Tart in Chiswick.

Team Naturally Run!
After 13.1 miles I've never been happier to walk in to a brunch spot! Treated myself to a cranberry and ginger beer juice, earl grey and chilli chicken scramble. Amazing!

Not content with running half a marathon, Charlie and I joined Zoe in attending the NTC week spinning class at Equinox gym in Kensington - more about that later in the week. Needless to say, our legs were pretty tired, and I was happy to get home, have a shower and a well-deserved nap!!
Post-run brunch!

Run number 4: the reluctant run. I've been expert at recruiting friends in to various events that I'm taking part in, and the up-coming Surrey Half marathon is no exception. The boy has signed up (well, I signed him up...) as have two of my friends and colleagues Anto and Georgia. None of them has run this distance before, so when they organised a 6 miler on Sunday I felt obliged to take part as well! 

Despite tired legs, I managed to keep up with them and get round in the horrible weather. That'll teach me for dragging others in to my running craziness!! 

Hope you've had a good week of training. With the distances starting to mount it's tough to fit everything in, and the doubts inevitably start to creep in: will I really manage 26.2 miles??! We've still got time - we can do this!

Thanks to Stephanie and Charlie for some of the pictures used here - I'm still rubbish at taking pics while running/yogi-ing. Must take some lessons from these two blogger-superstar ladies!

Katy | City Girl Fit

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