Sunday 19 January 2014

Training update - 12 weeks to go!

The week in stats:

No. runs: 4
No. double-run days: 1
No. of face-plants on the pavement: 1

Week 2 of Jantastic and I hit my goal of 4 runs/week again. A total of 26 miles run - almost a marathon in a week :)

My Tuesday morning run was relocated from Clapham to Cardiff courtesy of a work trip. I'd phoned ahead to the hotel to check they had a gym and when it opened in the morning - yes, I am THAT person now. When did that happen? Probably about week 2 of marathon training...

I've not run on a treadmill for ages as for me it just doesn't compare to hitting the road with the wind in your hair. I'm not even a fair weather runner anymore - I love running outdoors so much that not even torrential ran, snow, wind or hail will put me off! I only had a 3 miler on the schedule, so 30 mins on the dreadmill I could just about cope with.

Err... Where is everyone??
I got down for the gym opening at 6.30, figuring it might be busy (it's one of those hotel gyms that's open for public memberships). Well, I've never seen an emptier gym in January! 

I started out on an incline of 1.5 and at a slowish pace (6.30min/mile), increasing the pace every 4mins or so until I was flat out sprinting for the final 2.5mins. And, surprisingly, it was pretty fun! Mixing up the pace and keeping it a short session seems to be the key to enjoyable treadmill running - lesson learned!

Run 2 this week was - wait for it - on the same day! Now, I know some runners are a big fan of double-run day, but this was my first. It wasn't really of my choosing: the boy guilted me in to joining him for 3.5 miles with his puppy dog eyes and complaints of abandonment from the night before! 2 runs down, and it was only Tuesday. I was on a roll... 

Until Wednesday. When tired, tired legs got the better of me and so I decided to give track a miss. I've been known to take on too much and push my body too far only to crash and burn. So, listening to my body, I decided a Wednesday rest day was in order as my legs let out a collective sigh of relief.

Pretty Battersea Bridge
The gods of weather and running seemed intent on punishing me for missing track as the rain was battering down on Thursday evening and the wind was howling. Somehow I managed to find a window of 60 minutes where the rain eased off to fit in my run: a tempo 6 miles. 

The joys of running in bad weather is the quietness of the roads and paths. Battersea bridge stood defiant in the stormy conditions - the view always makes an evening run through Battersea park worthwhile.

My fourth and final run was supposed to be on Saturday but - as I'm sure seasoned runners will know - you have to be ready to change your plans and be flexible with your training: you never know what's around the corner... So, owing to various reasons, Sunday run day it was, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise given that the sun was high in the sky, a slight chill in the air: perfect running conditions. 

There is no reason, therefore, why this should be the day that I manage to trip over myself and face-plant in the streets of Battersea at 5 miles! Fortunately I got my hands out quick and escaped with a skint knee and red face. I had the boy with me for the first 5.5 miles and, theoretically, it should be better to have someone there to comfort you when you fall. Theroetically...

As I lay flat out on the pavement I looked up to find the boy standing with a confused look on his face. "What was that?" he asked. No 'are you ok?'. No 'oh my god, let me carry you home my dearest princess!'. "What was that? What was THAT? That was me making an arse of myself. Help me up?" I replied. What's the saying? It's not the falling that counts, it's the getting back up. So, I got up and carried on. 13.1 miles in total at ideal marathon pace with a war wound of honour to show for it. That'll do pig. That'll do.

So that was that. 12 weeks until London marathon: eeeek!! Weekend long runs are going to be hitting the 2h30 mark soon. Scary biscuits!! 

How has your week in training been? Are you a fan of the double run day?? Or how else are you fitting in the runs that you need to reach your running goals?

Katy | City Girl Fit

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  1. Wowza slowish pace of 6.30 min miles! Impressive! How mean of the boy but at least he's coming with you! I dragged mine out this week too and was told to shut up!