Saturday 12 April 2014

Happy 1st Marathon Eve!

This is it. My last night before I run the London Marathon 2014. My first ever marathon, first ever time beyond 20 mile in fact! Am I nervous? Yes. While training went well overall, on Sunday I arrived back from a 2 week holiday in the US where I ate my weight in food and consumed copious amounts of booze. This, I'm pretty sure, is not what they describe in the 'how to taper' handbook...

Nevertheless, back at the end of March I completed the Surrey Spitfire 20 miler in 3.09, and felt pretty strong. I also managed a treadmill sprint session and three outdoor runs on holiday:

Run 1: 6 miles along the Vegas strip

Run 2: 4.5 miles in Mammoth, CA

Run 3: 10 miles from downtown San Francisco to Sausalito.
Yep, including over the Golden Gate Bridge!
So thank you, marathon. Because without this race to train for I wouldn't have laced up my shoes and experienced these places in the unique way that running provides. Each was individual and awesome in it's own right and I LOVED it!!

Tonight, I sit here finalising my marathon playlist, laying out the kit and generally being a bit excited. While nerves definitely play a part, I have been lucky enough to avoid injury and know that I will be on that start line tomorrow ready to run the London Marathon, and adding some London-based selfies to my running pic collection :)

Whatever comes my way, however slow or fast I run, I aim to take in what is happening around me and ensure that I take the time to focus on what's important - the fact that I am even able to run, the fact that I am privileged to be part of a race that many will never get the chance to run, and the fact that by doing this I am raising money for two great charities in memory of two great men.

If you're running tomorrow then good luck! Enjoy! I can't wait to meet all 36,000 of you :) Number 5097 - come say hi!

Katy | City Girl Fit

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