Sunday 9 February 2014

Training update: head vs heart

I didn't feel like running this week. Despite my heart still being fully committed to marathon training my head told my body that this week was rest-and-be-thankful week.

I'd already cut down the number I runs I planned from 4 to 3 per week - scheduling a short speed session, a medium pace session and a weekend long run - but through the week I just didn't feel it. So I did yoga instead! Ahhh yoga - you make it all ok. 

That said, I had 15 miles on my schedule for the long run and, having ditched my long run last week in favour of a self-planned mini duathlon, I knew I couldn't bail again this week. 15 miles is uncharted territory for me, my longest run being 13.1 at Run to the Beat last September. I was nervous to say the least.

Fortunately, I had planned a trip to visit my good friend Sheila in Manchester for this weekend. Sheila has completed both London and Edinburgh marathons in sub 4 hours - this was the girl to get me through 15 miles!

Runners of Manchester:
I salute you!
A quick check of the weather forecast on Saturday morning suggested that we get out about 9.30 in order to avoid the rain wind and hail that was - as I found out later - presently battering London and the TNR girls on their 15 mile journey and was now Manchester bound. So we quickly got up, dressed and out the door.

The wind. Oh my the wind!! Bitterly cold and at some points strong enough to lean in to and say upright! My mantra in difficult conditions (wind, hail, stitches, skinned knees & hangovers - ideally not all at once) is that I might well experience these things on marathon day (well, hopefully not the hangover...) so I need to man up & plough through regardless. So that's just what we did! And can I just say - the runners of Manchester were super friendly, smiley and lovely. It made the run all the more enjoyable :)

My knees began to groan about mile 11 and by mile 13 my hips were tight and achey, but we made it. 15 miles: DONE! Reward was some retail therapy in Manchester with three bottles of Pinot Grigio & gluten-free pizza for dinner at Dough - delicious!

I'm super chuffed to have run my furthest distance to date, and not to have suffered from aches and pains too badly despite my lack of during-week training. I hope to get in some run sessions this week but have two spin sessions booked so we'll see! Regardless, I have 17 miles on my plan that I will have to see through next weekend. 

Looks like the territory is uncharted from here on out. Hoist the sail m'hartys - all aboard! We're off on an adventure...

Katy | City Girl Fit

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