Friday 15 November 2013

The week in training - too much (in one day) too soon?

So last week training took a bit of a back seat in favour of some fun stuff, and I'm still not quite in to my 18 week marathon plan. Nevertheless, I'm already I'm finding that fitting my not-yet-at-full-marathon-mode training in around work is tough. As I couldn't fit in my 4 runs this week I decided to push it hard for a few days. Not advised! Here's a breakdown of training this week so far: 

  • Sunday - crazy day: think I just about ran a marathon in 4 parts!
  • Monday - yoga
  • Tues & Wed - away for work trip
  • Thursday -6 miles + hills
  • Friday - yoga

Last Sunday turned out to be an epic adventure of non-stop movement in one day. 

It began with a 6am alarm call: up, quick shower, get in to running kit (this took a bit longer than usual - it was cold-ass morning, so extra layering required!) I love it when you get rewarded you for an early rise, and this Sunday my reward was a beautiful sky lighting up the London skyline... 

Good morning, London!
I was at Clappy J (oh god. I've been watching too much MIC, haven't I...) to catch the train to Putney to meet up with Stephanie and Jess, who were kind enough to let me tag along on their 12-13 mile run along the Thames path. I hadn't yet run this route, so was quite looking forward to some new scenery and a bit of trail action. 

It was also a great opportunity to try out my new New Balance trail shoes and test out approaches for eating/hydration for longer runs. I ate a coconut and macadamia Bounce ball on the way over (a treat from my Zero Calorie Advent goody bag!) and had a glass of tri-berry nuun - I love this stuff for pre and post run hydration. So tasty! - before I left the house at 6.30. There was a gel in my run bumbag - yeah, bumbag. Super, sexy, cool, I know - should I feel the need to use it. 

Shiny (not for long!) new shoes
Bounce ball: lovely protein-y goodness
After meeting the also layered-up Jess and Steph we set off along the river towards Kew Bridge. Now, these two are speedy girls, so I was a bit worried that by trying to keep to their pace I'd collapse in a heap of sweat and phlegm before we reached half way. Thankfully, the girls were happy to let me set the pace. I've only ever done this distance once before and that was at Run to the Beat half marathon, so I'm not really sure how fast I should run 13 miles in training, but we settled at a speed that, for me, was comfortably difficult, and turned out to be slightly faster that I would have normally - the good thing about running with faster runners than you!

As we were up so bright and early the path was almost empty and it was lovely to see the river so peaceful bar the odd group of rowers: the only other nutters up this early on a Sunday morning. At Kew Bridge - half way - we joined up with Lissy for the return leg. We looked like twins with our earwarmers, neon run jackets, run bumbags and leggings. Well, twins if you ignore the fact that Lissy is half my size and has white-blonde hair... I warned Lissy about the mud - and it didn't disappoint. With the downpours on Saturday the trails were super muddy - I was so glad of my trail shoes! Once you got over the fact that mud was inevitable it was quite satisfying to squelch in to a big muddy puddle :) 

A muddy Thames path run with Lissy and (in the distance) speedy girls Steph & Jess
I also noticed half way along that while Jess and Steph's feet were muddy their clothes were not covered in mud splashes like me. Lesson learned: if you want to stay clean then you have to run faster and IN FRONT of other runners! I earned a few sideways glances on the train home, which I responded to with my best "yup, it's 9am and I've already banged out 12 miles of trail running, suckas!!" look. Otherwise known as 'smug face'.

Home, fastest shower and change in history, off to opticians for an eye test, home, lunch, out the door at 1pm towards Clapham Common for my Sunday touch rugby league.

Some people have been asking about my Touch Rugby team, when we play etc. I play for Maigic Touch - It's a mixed team, and the rules of Touch Can be found here on the in2touch website. Magic are a great bunch to play with and to socialise with - you can catch up with our on-pitch and off-pitch our shenanigans on the Magic Touch blog.
Magic Touch: Greek goddesses & spartans

Magic Touch: super heroes!
Our main season is on Wednesday evenings at Regents Park, which run from April-September, and we are always keen to have new players, so get in touch in the spring if you're interested. We're currently playing in the Clapham Common Sunday Late Summer League. On Sunday we played our league match (lost 8-4 against the unbeaten team in the league) but then also another game against London Moths - like London Wasps, but at night - as their oppo didn't show (we won that!). THEN we had a third game of the Magic 'old skool' players vs us 'new skool' players (a draw - winners all round!). 

Magic Touch - old & new (& non-playing children)
I might be smiling in the post-game picture (above) but after three 40 minute games and a 12 miler in the morning - oh my god - the legs really hurt!! My knees were in agony and I hobbled for a good two days afterwards. 

I realise now that this approach to do everything in one day was probably a bit silly and I'm lucky that I'm not injured. In future, I maybe wont run an almost half marathon in the morning if I know I have sprint sessions in the form of touch rugby later in the day! Thankfully - well, actually, sadly - the Touch season ends next Sunday 24th Nov, so my weekends will be free for long runs and then afternoon resting. My goal over the coming months will be to slow down and take small steps to increase my training each day rather than almost killing myself by trying to take a thousand steps in one!

Have you hit training too hard too soon? How are you finding fitting training in to your schedule? Do you have a plan to work training in around work, Xmas parties and travel? If you've got any good tips then please share!!

Katy | City Girl Fit

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  1. Woo yay! I loved that little run, hopefully we'll get to do it again soon.